This is not about what we are. Rather, it is about what we do: advise and promote. Esports’ impressive growth created a pioneering spirit that is exciting and inspiring. At the same time, its evolution into a big industry requires certain matters to be handled professionally. Awareness of risks often takes second place to the drive to seize opportunities.

This is where we can step in. We bring legal and business risks into sync with your goals. We understand esports and speak business. As part of the esports community we know its needs and think about its future. As professionals we are a sparring partner to discuss ideas and can guide you through handling the risks to promote esports’ further growth. Our varying backgrounds enable us to draw from each other’s experience in different areas. We supplement one another and contribute diverse perspectives. Our wide-ranging expertise and international network are our biggest assets.

One could call us a think tank or a consultancy. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter because ultimately it is about our common goal to promote esports.

Our name is eSyncd and we like to think of ourselves as a hub – a place to discuss ideas and develop solutions.

Sometimes you are in sync with the times, sometimes you are in advance, sometimes you are late.