Michael Schwab


As of 2004

  • Managing Partner, MS Event Service GbR


  • Project Manager, Merlin Sportkommunikation GmbH


  • Managment assitant in data processing (EDV-Kaufmann)


I am a gamer for as long as I can remember. From the early duels against my brother to being part of Counter-Strike teams competing in online and offline tournaments, competitive gaming is an important part of my life. I enjoy playing against others and founded one of the first German Clans in 1998. Moreover, I am an esports enthusiast who enjoys watching the best teams playing against each other and follows the professional scene closely.

My passion for competitive activities let me to become an event manager with a focus on international sport events especially tennis (e.g. Madrid Masters, Hamburg ATP tournament “Rotherbaum”), judo (e.g. Kano Cup, Tokyo) and horse riding (e.g. CHIO Aachen). For a couple of years I also organized offline tournaments and LAN parties, thereby combining my profession with my passion for esports. I have the privilege to work around the globe and organized sport tournaments in Australia, Japan, Spain and many other countries. As an event manager one of my main responsibilities is to manage the relationship and communication with sponsors and the press. During more than 15 years of working in these areas I gained a lot of experience and built an international network.

My professional expertise enables me to further promote esports’ and thereby follow my passion.